Hello Everyone. Welcome to Moda Bastet

Here is a little bit about myself and what Moda Bastet is about

Farah Ash.

Moda Bastet is a place to discuss and analyse the fashion culture and industry. I see myself as a continuous learner so this will be a learning journey for me as well which I hope you will join and enjoy.

I have always been interested in writing from a young age. After finishing graduate school and a degree in media and communication focusing on women publications I knew I wanted to create a space to discuss fashion, the creators of fashion, and what it means to the people who wear them, and this is how Moda Bastet was born in 2017.

I studied in Turkey, during my time in there I was mesmerized by their fashion boutiques and scene in general. Since I am from the Middle East you will find some of my articles analyses and discusses the fashion industry in this region.

If you have any questions please drop me an email in the contact form.

Farah Ash.