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Why Fashion Entrepreneurs Should Buy Their Domain Name Early?

If you are looking to build a business in fashion or the beauty industry its important to plan for your digital assets starting from domain names. While online I cam across some domain names that can have high price values.

The power of acquiring unique domain names early on as you start your journey as a fashion entrepreneur to reserve an address for your website or blog can become a lucrative investment. Many domains have already been taken but the English dictionary has many words that you can use as your domain name which are not taken yet. A domain name does not have to be in English though, you can have words from other languages too, or have a combination of two different languages. I found these list of domains that can be of high value what makes them unique is that they define an industry which is easy to rank on the search engines and they consist of one word which makes them desirable.

Imagine the leverage and ranking on search engines you can get if you owned this domain name. L’Oreal knew this since they are the owner of this domain name which offers make-up products online.

It does not seem there is a brand name behind this domain yet, but its for sure off-the-market, when searching it you will find a landing page with a message that says it has been taken.

Also owned by L’Oreal, you can see the power and authority this name can generate.

I was a little surprised to find this domain is a shopify store. An ecommerce website is owned by French born-US-raised fashion designer Odette Christiane.

A multi-brand online shop for perfumes. The website offers perfumes on wholesale as well.

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