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Positioning Yourself as an Influencer that Brands Want to Work With

Having many followers means having significant audience size to disseminate a blog’s ideas among these followers, this large number makes spreading content faster. Dr. Yang Feng is an assistant professor at San Diego State University, found in a study that the number of Twitter followers contributes to one’s opinion leader status. Although the number of followers can help you gain influencer status, other studies have shown this factor does not work alone, the number of mentions is more important to indicate influencer status.

Evaluating your digital presence and social media channels to attract collaborations with brands will require some work. Two important qualities your blog and social media accounts can have to achieve this are:

Shareability: this goes beyond the number of followers (although it’s an important cue). In order for you to know if the content you are putting out there is liked by readers you should consider how many times your content is being shared or retweeted, or how many people are commenting and engaging with your content.

Too much weight is given to the number of followers, although useful knowledge can be obtained from followees as well, if you have a large number of followees this gives you more opportunity to learn about different topics and opinions, which can be beneficial when building one’s influencer status. 

One good rule is to have a balanced ratio between the number of followers and followees. In general, an influencer should have more followers than followees, but the gap should not be high. One aspect brands would consider when evaluating working with influencers is having a good number of followers and whether they are following few people, because they want to see the follower’s base doesn’t consist of people who followed influencers as a digital courtesy of following-back after being followed by the influencer. This reflects how genuine the influencer is.

Trustworthiness: Bloggers must have gained their audience’s trust to be perceived as opinion leaders, they can achieve this with the quality of their content.

One  example comes to my mind. I followed how one Instagram account offering lifestyle options for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has grown exponentially, the owner of the account is a MS patient, she was documenting her treatment and lifestyle choices, her identity was not revealed, but she did tell her audience that she is a trained physician, all her posts were filled with information including books as references, she made sure to reply to each comment under her posts, and her use of language reflected high intellect, the account has grown from an MS patient journaling her life to a reference for people with MS and health in general. The blogger was able to gain her readers trust, thus, positioning herself as an influencer.

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