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When a Chinese Fashion Brand Speaks European | Ochirly

Many Chines fashion brands are gaining traction online. Ochirly is one of them, it’s story is very interesting, as they started by bringing European Style to Chines customers.

The Chinese fashion brand started in 1999 with an aim to introduce European style to the Chinese market, the name Ochirly comes from the Chinese ou shili which means ‘European Fashion Charm’. They might have started in the Chinese market, but recently they’ve been growing in other markets too.

What’s interesting about Ochirly‘s brand is its ability to speak to a different culture other than its own. Since their early start they didn’t introduce Chinese design elements to their European customers nor to their Chinese customers, they embodied the mood and aesthetic for how a European woman wants to dress, presenting an example of internationalization of spirit for the fashion industry.

Going through their collection they are able to capture the European woman’s need for trendiness, simplicity, and comfort in her everyday clothing, Ochirly’s design emphasis is on cold colors dominated by white and black. They might have an opportunity in Arab markets as the styles they offer meet the needs of a woman looking for a modern and smooth look.    

In 2018, Ochirly went one step further in its efforts to speak to western customers with their Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid campaign.     

Social Media Power

Looking at their social media presence their biggest reliance is on Instagram which is their most active account with 16K followers.

Ochirly on Facebook.

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