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Indian Fashion Designer Anamika Khanna

The Indian fashion designer from Kolkata was considered an outsider in her early beginnings because she didn’t go to Fashion school. Throughout the years she showed everyone her talent and how she was able to evolve. Her designs caught attention due to her nature which she described in a TED talk as ‘questioning everything’, at one of her early shows she put a male model in a skirt, she rationed it as ‘we [women] dress in men’s clothes all the time’, her creativity did not stop there, she transformed traditional Indian clothing pieces like the churidar which is an underpinning piece to an outer wear, she also gave the Sari a modern look. Anamika is known for using traditional techniques in a modern way.

Where you find personal style? It is the space you most comfortable in, If you accept what is being told to you was fashion without questioning it, without critiquing it and accepting it just as it is, then your personality is a question mark.

Anamika Khanna

When researching for this article, and from the videos I watched, I see the emphasis on her craft and talent as her greatest asset, showing a genuine example of a hard working woman, you can feel that when she laughs about the black circles she got around her eyes due to working for long hours. She tries to take women through her designs to real moments in life where she does not aim to create trends or clothes for fast seconds on social media. This Genuity of her character we get to see when ever she’s filmed  whether for Vogue or a fashion show mirrors a real woman creating clothes for the elegance of women.

Trends come and go, what remains is personal style.

Anamika Khanna

Anamika addition to Indian fashion design is minimalizing the traditional Indian elements included in one piece, her contributions didn’t stop there, she elevated Indian designs from being perceived as a costume to a fashion design by combining modern and international silhouette. The design that showcases her approach is the dress she made for Sonam Kapoor for Canne Film Festival red carpet.

Her designs can be found at her stores in Kolkata, Delhi and London. Also available at retailers like AASHNI+CO, Aza, and Pernias Pop-up shop.

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