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How Fashion Shows are Digitized During Coronavirus

The past months have witnessed many fashion shows and fashion weeks cancelations. London and Paris Men’s Couture Fashion Weeks were cancelled, Milan Men’s Week postponed, the Met Gala is postponed as well. Some designers continued to do their shows, designers in Shanghai Fashion Week livestreamed their collections from their studios, Giorgio Armani chose an audience free show, Milan Fashion Week is scheduled to take place in June will be postponed and merged with the city’s womenswear week in September 2020. As for fashion events in Turkey, Modanisa announced the Istanbul Modest Fashion Week will be postponed.

There is a window of opportunity for everyone whether it’s for brands or retailers. Digitizing the process  how brands and retailers meet or create fashion shows online are great alternatives and there are platforms that facilitated this.

Joor and NuOrder

Joor and NuOrder are online fashion eCommerce platforms, they offers services in data analytics and connect wholesale brands with retailers through their built management systems and virtual show rooms, where the entire transaction is made online. Through their digital platform retailer and brands are offered a list of services:

  • Virtual Show rooms
  • Create linesheets fast.
  • Orders are managed and received online.
  • Brands can create a digital storefront to invite retailers.
  • Tools for order management in one place.
  • Wholesale management through reports that show best sellers, sales by rep, by region, retailer, style.
  • Invoice management
  • Virtual showroom

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