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Goop’s Business Model in the Lifestyle Industry

There has always been alliances in the world of fashion and the publishing industry which is a powerful approach to maintain the continuity of many businesses in fashion, they kept the creativity flowing by guaranteeing (among other things) the financial support, these partnerships whether were investments or acquiring companies helped fashion houses and publications withstand many economic turbulences, especially those we have been facing within the past twenty years.

In the history of partnerships, successful alliances such as the one Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent had, who were business and life partners or Gabriel Chanel and Etienne Balsan are examples of partnerships built on personal relationships. Business alliances can be less intimate than that, Goop and Condé Nast had such less passionate relationship, so did The Modist and Farfetch. Both partnerships did not work. Usually similar alliances does not have emotions in them they are based on calculations and figures set by strategists, accountants, and lawyers.

When analyzing how things turned out with Goop and its relationship with Condé Nast where I remember reading an article on Vox website where the author critiqued Goop and it’s founder Gwyneth Paltrow

Goop presents a unique publishing machine for shoppable content in the lifestyle industry. This merge between publishing and selling products online, often under not well accepted category by mainstream medicine, that is ‘holistic medicine’ has caused some irritation to professionals in the medical and publishing industry. My suggestion is to view Goop’s content publishing model and the way it operates instead of focusing on its products, it is because for sure Goop is an industry disrupter. Goop’s content, aside from the controversial recommendations they published on their website, shows the autonomy they gave their content creators mainly for those who want to sell products separate from the Goop line of products, it is as if each content contributor, expert, or sometimes a company promoting their product on Goop website has rented a digital space under Goop platform without much editorial control, that’s a new arena in digital publishing that is worth learning from, the issues that Goop still needs to deal with is to separate itself from the shoppable content that is not produced under their own brand, this perhaps can be achieved by making the image of Goop as a company supersedes its founder’s image, this way the head of the company can’t be the target of scrutiny . Goop perhaps can be considered a new model for a shoppable content retailer.

Many discussions in academia tried to highlight how publications can emancipate themselves from advertisers, Goop’s model in publishing gave a humongous power to experts and content contributors except Goop was held accountable for what was published, and this is understandable,  but if you look how very often we are able to separate between the platform and the content creator on Facebook this can give you a different perspective, for instance you don’t hate Facebook when someone says the cake you are trying to sell sucks or if someone posted a wrong cake recipes, if Goop was able to achieve such approach of autonomy and separation that social media platforms were able to position themselves at it will solve many problems it faced before. I do believe the criticism Goop received about the content that was published on its platform was a learning opportunity to rethink the relationship with its content contributors and advertisers.  

The incompatibility between Goop and Condé Nast stems from issues of upbringing. Goop is the product of the digital age and still embarking its journey in self-discovery whereas Condé Nast is a well-established grandeur publishing house with a large heritage and history and used to doing things in a certain way. 

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