Indonesian Fashion Designer MEL Ahyar

Mel Ahyar Is an Indonesian fashion designer. She studied fashion design in Paris. Her start into the fashion industry was in 2006 as a couturier, the spirit in her clothing varies with some of her latest designs which she created in collaboration with CottonINKxMAF were inspired from Indonesian traditional dresses. Mel Ahyar founded and is the creative director of MMAC Group and ready to wear label Happa which she created with Andien Aisyah.

source: Mel Ahyar Facbook page

I could not help but to notice how her designs are modern with a traditional spirit.  

If you look closely how she has evolved as a designer, her earlier designs largely influenced by art but in her Spring/ summer 2019 collection you find she started to imprint her own signature style and create her own fashion identity.

Penti Collection: Summer/ Spring 2019



Kini Abadi, Mel Ahyar X Jeihan: Spring/ Summer 2017


Verse Collection: Spring/ Summer 2016

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