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The Tweed Jacket from Different Brands

Updated: 7-Nov-2019

The tweed jacket has been CHANEL’s fashion signature for decades, it’s history is extensively highlighted, designed in the sixties by Coco Chanel after a trip to Scotland where she brought back with her the Tweed fabric and introduced it to France. The use of tweed has evolved since then and now it has entered the mainstream where many fashion retailers started designing it, especially to us young customers with our not so much big budgets.

I was curious to see where I can find a tweed jacket, and bought one actually from Turkish brand KOTON. I want to share the other brands that offer it as well, so here you go:

Faık Sönmez

Source: Faık Sönmez

Click on image to take you to retailer website

Source: Faık Sönmez
Source: Faık Sönmez

The Tweed Jacket is a Classic Piece that Never Goes out of Fashion










Currently Unavailable



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