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Apps that Speak to the Arab World

Let’s face it, our smartphones are not that interesting without the apps we get to download. Here are some apps I found interesting which are developed by Arab app developers.


This app features more than 150 emojis for the entire Arab world. In it, you will find Jordanian hatta, Egyptian shisha & tarboush, khaliji 3abay, Saudi coffee, Arabic dessert and more. It’s available on Google Play store.

Halla Walla

Is an Arabian emoji app, with emoji’s tailored for the Arab World. The App was developed by a company called Oxygen. You can find it on Google Play store.

Ramzeeyat Girly (رمزيات بنات جيرلي كيوت)

This App provides illustrations along quotes and funny comments. The app reflects the mood and spirit of Arab girls, developed by Shiroo, there is a 2018 version and currently a 2019 is available on Google Play store.

Girls Sayings

Provides a large number of illustrated pictures with comments, the subject of these illustrations may vary to include Love, Friendship, Parenthood, etc. The App can be found on Google Play as well.   

Hijab Styles 2018

There were many Apps developed under this category, so amazing to see the girl power by developers who are making their mark in this field. The app goes under the name ‘New Hijab Styles 2018 in Step-by-Step’. There are too many styles to choose from, you can find Turkish, Moroccan, Iraqi and Algerian style hijabs, hijab styles for school and weddings, hijab styles without pins. You can find the app on Google play.

Hijab Fashion Suit Photo Editor

This App and many others similar to it could be a problem solver, they allow you to fit your face into many Hijab styles and fashion. It can be found in Google Play.   


This App was developed by Deeni Girl Media and its founder Sakeena Rashid an American Muslim. Islamoji was created with the Muslim Pop Culture in mind, and as described by its developer, it’s ‘With a Cause’. The app was set for crowdfunding at LaunchGood platform and currently available for download at iTunes. You can find in this App emoji’s for making dua, salah, hajj, halal foods, and many others. There is also an option for advanced emoji features which includes stuff like; Resize your emoji, Change emoji skin color, Stickers, Animated GIFS, iMessage extension, Alphabet & numerical keyboard.

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