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Zadie Smith is a contemporary British novelist and essayist, born in 1975 to an English father and a Jamaican mother, and she studied English at Cambridge. Smith is the author of White Teeth, The Autograph Man, On Beauty, NW and Swing Time.

Watching her interviews on YouTube I can feel her candid and new-fashioned way of presenting her ideas. In her interview with The Guardian she described herself as”

“I’m a black person, also a woman, also a wife and mother, a Brit, a European – for the moment – a Londoner, a New Yorker, a writer, a feminist, a second-generation Jamaican, a member of the African diaspora, a Game of Thrones-er, an academic, a comedy-nerd, a theory-dork, a hip-hop-head and so on.”

She is so comfortable in being all these things, actually my guess, she sees it as a distinguishing part of her character and tremendously welcomes it.  

Her opinion whether creative writing MAs are a waste of time? She does not see it that way, she went on to explain how in her class they read literary works and philosophy, and then her students write essays, in between they get to discuss their own novels or stories they’ve been working on.    

Zadie Smith does not fall short in having an opinion about many things going on around today and history, her talk about slavery, how it was the most awful waste of human capacity is deeply ingrained in her writings and perspectives (which it was). She also seems to hold some strong opinions about the new economy, especially her talk about an app where someone can come do your bed for you, she sees it as a way of exploitation and power.

Last, the way she re-styled herself with the African turban I found gave her an edge and a more interesting appeal. So much opposite from how she looked before.

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Zadie Smith

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