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Priyanka Chopra: Brains & Beauty

Love it when I watch an interview of women who crafted their careers the way they wanted, Priyanka Chopra stands as such where she reflects both brains and beauty, Priyanka is an Indian actress who started her career at the age of 18 when she won Miss India, then Miss World, followed by entering the acting world in Bollywood, today, she is among the cast of the American series Quantico.

Some little facts about Priyanka Chopra, first of all, she is Indian, her parents are doctors, she described them as overachievers where her mom spoke 9 languages and is a pilot, Priyanka was a recording artist as a teen and she spent a lot of time in the U.S, and went to school there while growing up, she also wanted to be an engineer, in 2013 her father died from cancer.

During her talk at Forbes Women’s Summit she commented on how she does not like to be put in a bucket by solely described as being Indian, although she is proud for being from India, she explains, her life experiences defines who she is. Something I can relate to coming from two cultures myself.

Watching her interview on Forbes Women’s Summit and listening to her opinions alongside Pepsico CEO, Indra Nooyi (which I will talk about in another article), I was astonished when she told the story during a Hindi film shoot when the director asked the stylist to dress her in a way where her panties would show because that’s only why people will come to watch her (according to the director’s best of knowledge), the next day she left working on that film and refused to work with the same director again. Priyanka talks about this incident by saying how she wants to be perceived is her choice and “My perception is my reality, and my perception is going to be my identity”.

As young women navigating our career path we are continuously facing many challenges, even in our conservative Middle Eastern culture, we confront similar situations. And the choices we make at that moment can shape us, uplift us or put us down.

Quote from Priyanka

“I don’t believe you can sit and wish for something and it will happen, the souls of your feet will have to be blistered, there is no pretty picture for hard work, there is no success story that does not have shadows of pain, doubt, and fear, but when you step out into the light all that gets hidden and the effort and path is not easy for any success story”.

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