Emerging Fashion Brands: Quente

Every now and then I like to share fashion brands that seem interesting. I found this Turkish brand to be very eye catchy, its called Quente.

The company is based in Istanbul, Turkey, their designs depend on print pattern which seem very elegant and reminds me very much with Versace, however Quente designs are original, I think that’s what distinguishes many Turkish brands, they are capable of producing high-quality clothing a with great sense of style.

The Turkish Fashion industry started with textile factories twenty years ago and have thrived to become fashion houses today.

Quente produces modern, for every day and chic fashion. As they stated on their website they have been in the fashion business for fifteen years. Their designs are unique with a touch of elegance whether its kaftan, pants or a blouse. Unfortunately, I could not find more about their owners.

Here are some of their fashion:


By the way, if you see a photograph that belongs to you on this site, it’s because I thought it is awesome. If the photograph is missing a link, I have not been able to find you and need you to get in touch so it can be credited correctly. However, if you don’t want to share it, I will gladly remove anything you ask me to, so please let me know.


  1. Assalaamu alaokum. I am coming to Turkey to buy clothing for my new online boutique. I am interested in your line and would like to see more. Amina. From South Africa.
    +27 715897154 ( watsapp)


    1. Hello Amina & Alaikum salam. I am happy you enjoyed the article. I want to tell you that Moda Bastet is a blog based magazine showcasing brands and discusses fashion industry. We don’t sell the brands we post on our website nor is it a paid advertising, we publish fashion we think deserves attention. However, feel free to contact “Quente” through their website, . I can get you in touch with their marketing team if you like.
      Please share your online boutique Would love to look at your products as I can recommend more brands for your boutique. and perhaps I can fit it in one of our articles…Cheers


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