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Arabs Singing: Egyptian Singer ‘Luka’

Arabs Singing will be a standard section discussing the various forms of music, singers and bands in Arabic.

The alternative and independent music for Arab singers is growing. Luka is a young rising Egyptian singer who sings in a band called (Da’souka), her song “I Will Drink Hashish” is provocative and challenges some prevalent social norms. When the song was first released in 2015 it caught the attention of the Egyptian press. The word ‘Hashish’ can be interpreted as a reference to her rejection to conform to her society. She talks about how a girl early on in her life is persuaded to only wear dresses and not to play with mud or outside the house, although the lyrics are non-conventional but her vocals and music make you curious to listen even if you don’t agree with what she has to say.

Here is a Translation to parts of the lyrics:

“My grandmother told me that girls wear dresses, my mother told me that girls don’t play with mud…my aunt who wears the Burqa told me if you want to sing I can sing but you shall go to hell, and my father didn’t tell me anything, so I shall do the right thing and take (Hashish)”

the song continues:

be careful not to sleep outside the house or be late so the doorman would see you [refering that she came home late] and then you won’t be able to get married” in reference that her honor has been tarnished.

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