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Create Your Own Space While Still Living With Your Parents

Young Women Moving out to Live Alone can be Faced with Awkwardness and Anguish in Arab Countries, So Why not Turn Around the Situation a Little Bit and Create your own Space while Still at your Home with your Family.

Find out what are your favorite corners you like and enjoy, whether it’s the living room that you like to spend your time in watching T.V after a long day at work or school, or the balcony to enjoy a cup of coffee, or much better “Your Room”.

Whatever your favorite spot is, I found some affordable furniture pieces to make your living experience while at home more enjoyable:

If you want to be more comfortable while watching T.V in the living room, buy some fluffy cushions or better a rocking chair or an armchair that you can name your “wisdom chair”, or if you want to relax your feet you can buy one of those small ottomans and move it to your room if there was not enough space in the living room to have it there all the time.

You can place a nice cabinet, shelves, or even a notes holder and fill it with the stuff you like or made or even collected during your travels, it would be a good idea to place this cabinet at one of the corners at your house, somewhere you can see and enjoy looking at every time you pass by.

Make your own reading or iPad browsing corner with lighting fixtures and a comfortable chair, if you have enough space you can have them in your own room as well.

The Little Stuff that Matter

Decorate the house with small items that make you say ‘this is mine’. Photos showcases great memories with the people you love.


Here is an idea for the Bathroom as well


As for your bedroom, you can have so much fun by adding some new decorations.

You can install this mirror next to your bedroom door, you know that last look you want to take at what you are wearing before heading out, this mirror can help.

This might need a little bit of space, but I could not resist the fanciness of having it, it can solve so many problems and trouble when trying to pick a shoe when going out.


Go Green, nothing makes a house more of a home like a delicious cooking smell and beautiful plants around the house.

Finally, I left this to the last “The Sanctuary”. This is where you chill and have ‘Me Time’. It’s the place you long to after a long day at work or school. You choose this place to be at a corner in your room or living room, or it could be on the balcony where you sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee.




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