How Many Dresses You Will Need for Your Pre-Wedding Parties

They Say You Should Prepare for a Marriage Not a Wedding, well, will have to Disagree with this One a Little Bit.

In every wedding, there is always the jewel of the crown, the WEDDING DRESS. But what about the pre-wedding ceremonies and the dresses you will wear to shine on these days. Here are some ideas of what might take place before your wedding day:

The Marriage Proposal 

Best Known in Arabic as “Al-Tulba”, this is when the groom and his male relatives come to request your hand for marriage from your father with the presence of your male relatives as well. Perhaps a simple dress is best for such occasion a very simple and girly kind of style.

The Official Religious Contract Signing

Which is known as “Katb Ketab”, many prefer wearing something that covers the shoulders since the religious clerk or ‘Mazoun’ will be present to conduct the ceremony, if you don’t feel like it, please DON’T.  It is usual for a woman if she does not wear a headscarf (Hijab) in her everyday life to put a scarf in a shawl like style around her hair instead of using the Hijabi style with pins and covering her entire hairline. Some choose to conduct the request of marriage with the signing the religious contract on the same day.

Bachelorette Party or the Girls Party

No male strippers are brought in, but still, that does not mean the ladies can’t have fun. Here you can get creative, it’s an all girls party, no strings attached, choose a theme and go with it and your friends can follow. And you can wear several dresses during this party.

The Engagement Party

This can be made as a mini wedding occasion, more often in Arab societies, this is a ladies party only but still, some do choose to include men as well. Wearing a lavish dress is always fine but in a color other than white, otherwise the surprise of your wedding dress is overthrown, this party is when you get to meet the whole family of the groom for the first time. There is an urban legend that says “wear a hideous engagement party dress so as you would look super great on your wedding gown”, that’s Rubbish, Look super fabulous on all your pre-wedding parties.


Salma ben Omar



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