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Fashion Brands for Pre-wedding Ceremonies of an Arab Bride

They Say You Should Prepare for a Marriage Not a Wedding, but the Fashion Industry Made it Irresistible to Ignore the Many Occasions that Preceed a Wedding .

Updated: 29-April-2020

In every wedding there is always the jewel of the crown, the Wedding Dress. Beside the bride’s big day in middle eastern and Arab culture there are several social ceremonies and events that take place, this includes the Marriage Proposal (Al-Tulbeh), Traditional Marriage Contract Signing (Katb Ktab), Bachelorette or the Girls party, and the Engagement party. All these festivities require preparations and many dresses. I picked some of Fashion brands that can help a bride in preparing for her many celebrations before her wedding.

The Marriage Proposal 

Best Known in Arabic as “Al-Tulba”, this is when the groom and his male relatives request the approval of a bride’s father on their marriage. More often some brides might go for simplicity in these events.

Turkish Fashion Brand |
Turkish Fashion Brand |
Turkish fashion for bride wedding party in arab and muslim coutnreis
Turkish Fashion Brand |

The Traditional Marriage Contract Signing ‘Katb Ktab’

Known in arabic as “Katb Ketab”, many prefer wearing a modest dress in this traditional religious ceremony. On this day religious clerk or ‘Mazoun’ will be present to conduct the procedure.  It is usual for some women if they do not wear a headscarf (Hijab) in their everyday life to wear a scarf in a shawl like style around her hair instead of the Hijabi style using pins and covering her entire hairline. Some choose to conduct the marriage proposal (Tulbeh) on the same day with the signing of the marriage contract.

Selma ben Omar

Emarati Caftan designer that has gained popularity among Arab women and MENA region, Salma ben Omar is a well-established name as a high-end fashion house.

Zainab Salman

Pakistani brand named after its founder, their designs mixes traditional Pakistani themes with International concepts.

Bachelorette Party

Bronx and Banco

Australian label founded by Natalie De-Banco and launched in 2009, the label makes its fashion available through retailers such as Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, and Nordstrom, among many others.

The Engagement Party

The engagement party can be a mini wedding, more often in Arab societies this is a ladies party only. Many fashion designers are known to design lavish dresses for this occasion. For this category I found Jordanian designer Laith Maalouf and Romanian luxury brand Christallini have many exciting dresses that can satisfy a bride.

Dress by Jordanian Fashion Designer Laith Maalouf |

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